Your input most urgently requested…

In a life fueled by freelance music and church work such as mine, this is a difficult time of year.  You are not really not busy, but as the seasons of work wind down to the days of summer, what really looms before you is the work of planning your next season — beginning new projects, submitting ideas to concert series to procure performance dates, working on classes to start in the fall, and so forth.  This year, for me, added to all this planning and thinking and arranging is the spector of returning to school full-time:  not knowing how much time I will have available to freelance work, not knowing the rhythm of my days and weeks ahead.

But all that aside, my planning self is fully engaged and I’m working on a very special project for the fall….and, without disclosing the details of that project, I want to invite you all into the planning process.  It simply won’t take shape without you.

If you stick around, you will hear many interesting rumblings about some special projects working with the Psalms this fall…and what I’m planning right now is related to that.

So I have a question for you (well, okay, several questions).  Do you have a favorite Psalm — something beyond the 23rd or the 51st or the great Psalms that I would call “liturgical” psalms (meaning we can’t mark the church year without them)…is there sometime when a Psalm that you didn’t know brought something unexpected to your life, a smile to your day, a feeling of comfort to your heart, a good old dose of vengeance and relief, made you not feel alone…anything.

If you are willing to share, feel free to comment on this post or email me…send me the number of the Psalm and just a brief note about the emotion or the situation or the….whatever.

All those who contribute will get an explanation of what I’m planning…the rest of you will just have to wait!


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