Today was a little easier…

Today was a little easier…I’m not talking about how I feel in relation to upcoming events, but how I feel about past ones.  Today is, after all, 9/11.  And today was just a little easier.

Maybe it is the fact that my attention is focused on next week; maybe it was simply the passage of time.  But today, 14th_Street_Bridge_Mas I drove past the Pentagon shortly after 9 am, as I returned from morning prayer at school, it was just a little easier.  Yes, I still turned my eyes sharply to the heavens as a plane flew overhead in the landing pattern headed toward Reagan International Airport.  Yes, I probably still held my breath a bit.  It was the same, clear blue sky.

I don’t really have any new story to tell…if you want to read what I’ve already written you can do that here and  here and here.

But, today was just a little easier. And right now it is good for me to understand that healing happens, if you just let it.  Lots of things to remember today.

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