The Day Ahead….Day 19

Today is the first day of a long holiday weekend.  This particular weekend, that of the 4th of July, is a particular challenge for those of us who call Capitol Hill in the Nation’s Capital our home all year long.

I learned long ago that it is best to provision up and stay in the neighborhood.  Stay off the roads. Stay off the metro.  Avoid the major avenues, even on foot.   For you see, we have been invaded–invaded by people from all over the world that have come here to our 310 acre national front yard, the National Mall, to celebrate.

Living here, you do forget, eventually, that you live just a few blocks from the seat of power of our government, some would say of the world.  It’s just where you live, you know?

But today, you simply cannot forget.  And today, I will be breaking my own rule.  I’ll get in the car and I’ll head to the Virginia suburbs to car shop — at least this morning.  Given that I leave for Spain in 9 days,  well, it just has to be done.  Along with the 250 other things that simply have to be done.

So wish me luck as I cross the 14th St. Bridge into suburban territory.  I know that I live a sheltered life in this urban village that I call home, but I like it that way.  I have the peace and quiet of a village with all the amenities of a city — and I almost never HAVE to drive anywhere, which suits me just fine.

And tomorrow, like everyone else, I will pause to remember all that we have done together as a people and all that is left to be done…and I’ll smile and shed a little tear as I stand in Garfield Park to watch rocket’s red glare in the distance.

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