Panic….Day 18

I will confess — yesterday became a day of little jobs. That is usually a sign of two things in my life:  procrastination….and panic.

It usually means that there is some large, transformational event on the horizon.  In this case, the large event, at least, is my trip to Spain.  And yesterday, my procrastination took the form of this:  everywhere I looked, I saw some small job that needed to be done so that my housemate and dog would be most comfortable while I was gone and not on site to attend to their every need (hopefully, before they can think of it–my obsession, not theirs).

I plastered a small hole in the wall and re-set the hooks that hold the re-useable bags. Very important.

I stored the new table leaf in the back of the closet…essential, very essential.

I took out the recycling….I know that I will have to do that again before I leave, but it felt very essential for forward progress today.

I calculated the last few kitchen items needed before the party that will be happening while I’m gone….can’t really think about the ramifications of that right now.

Don’t even ask me about what needs to be done in the garden.

Gracie, my dog, of course, sensed my unsettled state.  She spent the majority of the morning sitting either on my bed or downstairs on her “spot” (specifically, on whatever floor of the house that  I was NOT on), barking at me to pay attention to her, not to the house.

I did do some trip specific tasks:  I ordered a new tote bag, I adjusted my hotel reservation in Seville,  I made sure that all the travel details were properly registered on my online calendar, and…oh yes, I practiced for 30 minutes.

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

Pray for me….tomorrow needs to be better.  But did I mention that we have to go car shopping tonight?

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