O, for the lack of a chair…

Silly, right?  We have lots of chairs in the house.

But for me, there is something meaningful about having my own chair, in my own space, where I can read and think and pray.  Maybe it is because I grew up watching the Lesley Ann Warren version of Cinderella on TV each year, and I can still all-too-clearly hear in my mind the strains of her singing “In My Own Little Corner“.

And I haven’t had one for a while.  And, I will admit, I am currently obsessed with changing this situation.  If I have said it once over the past month, I have said it at least 100 times to anyone who will listen:  I need to find a chair for my room.

Why so urgent all of  a sudden you might ask?  Well, things are changing and I need a chair.  The changes that are happening, the changes that are coming, they all will dictate that I am going to spend a lot more time reading and learning and meditating and praying.  I know it.  I can feel it.  But, I have no chair.

Since I, well, passed the age of 40, I like many other human beings in this world have started to experience presbiopia.  Yes, my formerly more-than-perfect vision has, well, become less perfect.  And I only recently noticed that, as that happened, well, I started to read a lot less.

But now, the books are piling up, the urgency is clear, and with the addition of my new Kindle that allows me to change the type size of what I am reading, oh yes and the reading glasses that I have finally become accustomed to using, I am ready to forge ahead and get back to what I always did so much of — reading. 

However, I still don’t have a chair.  I have, this week, though, finally found the time to begin the interview process and I have narrowed my selections down to two possibilities:  both at Ikea, the Poang and the Karlstad.  Let me know if you have an opinion, because I’m making the decision on Thursday.

Because, I just can’t let that stack of books get any higher.

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