Let the remembrance begin…

If you don’t know me personally, or have only met me in the last year or so, you may not know that well, I am passionate about the Passion.  I am among those who believe that we as the modern church do not pay enough attention to the worshipfulness of Holy Week; too many people think that you have to be a church nerd to gather with your community to worship on Maundy Thursday, or to gather together to symbolically stand with the women at the foot of the Cross on Good Friday.  And so, five years ago, I decided to put my actions where my heart and soul stood, and, with the graciousness and love and forebearance of the wonderful staff and congregation of the Calvary Baptist Church, I did what any good, faithful musical servant would do…I suggested a concert.  A concert, a time that  those who normally must serve can rest and reflect and worship, and we on the music team will do the heavy lifting.  I didn’t know that was why at the time, but as my own work in areas other than music has grown, I now get that.

Oh, and we do use the opportunity to support our missions activity in El Salvador, particularly the Shalom Scholarship Fund.

A lot of things have changed for me and for Calvary over these five years.  And there are more changes to come, of that I am certain.  But this Friday, if you are around, consider joining us as we remember:  as we remember the central event of our Christian faith, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ, the Son of God.   Or, if your faith leads you elsewhere, just come and hear some amazing music.  In either case, this evening is my small offerring of time and talent to my community and to my God.  I hope you will join us.

You can find the concert details by visiting www.seratemusicali.org.   Later on today, you will be able to view the entire program at that address — right now, I have to leave for rehearsal.

Whether or not you join us, have an amazing Holy Week.


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