An early morning….Day 5

Yes, it is very early now, but we have a big day ahead of us at our house.  So I knew that if I didn’t stop and write now, Day 5 would be well, an oops.

The funny thing is that, yesterday, while walking around the neighborhood doing errands, I had fabulous things to say which of course now escape me completely.  I should know by now that Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings about the walking medition are true, and I should therefore remember to carry a notebook.

Of course, perhaps with an IPod playing Spanish lessons in your ear as you walk  it truly doesn’t count.

So, as I pack up my pencils and my books and head off to class, I’m still thinking about the meaning of music in my world and in the realm of faith and theology, and I am thinking particularly about some of the things that I have been spurred to consciousness by my reading — how music is, like theology, an attempt to express through our human dimension that which  cannot be humanly expressed, how it draws together all our human parts and our divine parts in one single moment of creation, how in that moment we as musicians can act as a gateway for the divine aspects of creation and provide a window through which others can see past their humanity to that which is possible and which is part of their very being, whether they know it or not.

And so with that impossibly complex mission, I will go out into this day on my new adventure.  And  I will take with me one more thought from Thich Nhat Hanh:

Drink your tea slowly and reverently,
as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves
– slowly, evenly, withoutrushing toward the future;
Live the actual moment.
Only this moment is life.

Hope I actually have time for a cup of tea today.

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