A-not-much-to-say kind of a day….Day 3

So I took this blogging challenge, and I knew when I took it, there would be days that I just would not have much to say and I would have to write anyway.  I know this from years of following Julia Cameron’s discipline of writing morning pages; there are many days when you will face the page and have nothing.  Those days, Ms. Cameron says, if all you can write is “I have nothing to say”, you must still fill your pages at your scheduled time.  It is part of the discipline and it will make you a more creative person in the long run, even if you don’t know it that day.

I won’t make your suffer through an enter computer screen of “I have nothing to say”, because, as I searched my brain files for some interesting morsel, I realized that there is never really a day when we have nothing to say, any of us.   But there are, well, just average days in every life.

That’s right, average.  Being a musician, feeling strongly the call of God in my life, does not mean that every moment of my existence is exciting or even interesting, not to me and not to anyone observing me or listening to me.  I meet people all the time that think that because I am a musician my life must be all bright lights and dressing rooms.  NOT.  Even if you are one of the great musical stars of the classical world, like say, Renee Fleming, you still can have a day like I had yesterday where you had to spend 2 hours in the dental chair with the drill running and then deal with the gum pain in your mouth while the new architecture that was constructed settles into place.  And even if you are the wisest theological sage, with the most clear and unbroken connection to your God, you will still have days that yawn before you, full of meetings and clerical tasks and things that just don’t seem to be part of your “meaningful” work.

And there is a reason for that.  Because we are ALL human, we all enter this world and leave it in the same way; we all fail and succeed and care and love and eat and cry and….well, we all have to take out the trash.  And the days that we think that we are too good to do something or that a task is better left to someone else, well, those are the days that we truly forget just who we are.

I find comfort in remembering that.   And now, if you will excuse, me, I have to take out the trash.

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