Goodbye, Seville…Hello Granada

A funny thing happens to me when I’m travelling like I am this summer…I forget that I am travelling.  Yes, I start to think that this is my life (which it is, actually) and I start to think that, well, I live here.  I seek out the signs of settlement — grocery stores, places to

Toro del Orro as seen from the river on my last night

pick up the little needs in life like pharmacies, places to wash my clothes and get them cleaned, where to pick up my favorite tea — places like that.

And the same thing that usually happens to me happened today…just as I started to “settle in” at a hotel in a certain city, it was time to move.  And that is always a little unsettling.

My general tolerance as a guest in a city is, well, 3 days (guests and fish, remember?).  On the fourth day, I am a resident.

Today, however, was day 5 and time to get on the train and move to Granada.  And that I did, with great success.  Although now I’m a tourist again, at least for a couple of days.

My new address, if you are following my travels, is the Hesperia Granada…so far a quite pleasant hotel with an excellent air conditioner.  And that air conditioner is pretty important, even if it is cooler here in Granada than it was yesterday in Seville (109 degrees yesterday, only 96 degrees here today).  And tomorrow, it is back to the confronting the world of music.  I cannot say that I face that task without trepidation, but I will face it.  And we will see just what God has to say about this choice that I’ve made.

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