Vaya a Sevilla…Day 30

Private balcony at the Hotel Regina, MadridI thought that I would take advantage of the fact that I am awake and that this hotel has a great internet connection.  And so I sit on my balcony in Madrid and say, welcome to Day 30 and the end of my committment to contribute to the ever growing stream of bits and bites on the internet with my daily blog entry.  And I want to take a moment to thank Pastor Amy for the idea and for being a good and gentle guide to start me on a road that, well, I wouldn’t have taken (like she has never done that before).

The only problem is, I don’t think I’ll quit.  I think that I will keep going.  My basic impulse is to commit to another 30 days, and then maybe another 30 days, and another.  After I pondered that idea for a few moments, I thought that I would like to see just how I continue if I don’t have a committment and peer pressure to keep me going.

I think I’ll keep going, without a boundary or an endpoint.  That’s life, isn’t it, anyway?  If I falter along the way, I know that I have good friends and community to pick me up and keep me going.

Today, after a short walk around part of Madrid that I haven’t seen, I’m off to the train station and on to Seville.  For years, I’ve sung the aria from Carmen:  “Pres des Ramparts de Seville”…and I’m going to go see those ramparts.  And a few other things.

And last night, I had the opportunity to remember that I am not totally invisible.  It has been a long time since three different men have tried to pick me up.  Apparently Spain was not a good country to visit without me “leave me alone, I’m taken” ring to wear.

So, for the next few weeks, you may hear more about Spain and my travel adventures than you will the deep evaluation of the relationship between music and theology (although one never knows what travel will bring to me–I have a lot of time to think without too much disturbance).  And, I promise to keep writing.  Until I don’t.

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