Greetings, fellow Traveller…

Well, I have finally succumbed.  For years, I have read the blogs of others (one of my particular favorites being  Talk with the Preacher ) and thought to myself, I could never do that…what would I say…who would care what I had to say?

But lately,well, things have been changing.  And my own focus has changed, in ways, that I think, will become apparent as this blog develops and grows.  So, goodbye opera, and hello….well, we will see.

In the mean time, I will listen to the urgings of my friends and my own deepest inner call, and share with whomever wishes to read, my thoughts on music, art, travel, and their role in my journey along the path of life. 

We all travel this path together, whether or not we are aware of that fact, so I hope that in these my humble ramblings, you, my fellow Traveller, will find something that will make you think, or make you feel, or make you pray, or maybe all three.

And so, now, to the next step….

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